Below you can read a few of the regular services. If you need one of these or you have other problems, faults with your vehicle DON'T HESITAT, CALL NOW!


Sometimes a yellow engine check lamp comes on the dasaboard. That means, something isn't working properly in the engine bay. The computer send a signal for the driver to find a mechanic, because any time the vehicle can broke down. Best thing if we get a check on it, as soon as possible.

Engine Fault Light

In my opinion, after every 10.000 miles or maximum 1 year the car needs a regular service or a full service.

Regulal service:

- Oil Change

- Oil Filter Change

- Air Filter Change

- Service indicator reset

Full service:

- Oil Change

- Oil Filter Change

- Air Filter Change

- Pollen Filter Change

- Anti-freez Level Check / Top-up

- Break Fluid Level Check / Top-up

- Powersteering Fluid Level Check / 


- Light Bulbs Check / Change

- Tyres and Breaks Check

- Service indicator reset


The break pads are always checked on the MOT test, but it is possible it is finish beetwen the to test. At that time you can hear a metalic grinding noise. On new models the manifactures are using a wearing indicator. If the pads are very low indicator signal shows on the dashboard. If the same pads will use further, the break discs will be demaged soon.

The suspension is the other importent part of the driving. This system keeps the wheels on the ground. If there some problem with it, the vehicle needs longer distance on a breaking way or the worst case, it can leave the road in the corners.

Break Indicator Light