I often see people struggling to sort out car maintenance general servicing, break change, condition check or other repairs. n our busy lives we understandably have other priorities in our work and family lives. We don't have time forr our cars!


How ever a reliable car is vital to our everyday life - whether it is dropping kids to school, making sure we can get to work or an emergency visit to the hospital. To ensure that reliabilty we need to take care of our cars!


I can take care of your car, while you spend time on your priorities - whether that is work, spending time with your family or simply relaxing.


These thing are can be fix till you are at home with your kid or with your partner, or you are at work. Just easily till you doing your "job" or relaxing.

Opening Hours:

You can call in this times!
Monday - Friday: 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM

S​aturaday: 9:00 AM - NOON

​(+44) 07721-594049

South East London

Blackheath, Bexleyheath, Bromley, Chiselhurst, Dartford, Greenwich, Lewisham, Mothingham, Sidcup, Swansea, Whoolich, Maidstone, Gillingham, Chatham, Gravesend, Sevenoaks, Thornbridge, etc.

About Us

My company is give high quality service for the car owners. I've realised that not everybody have time and energy for their vehicle. I give them an opportunity that a mechanic will go out to the costumers living or working place and make the job ready over there.

In the service I provided the tools, the knowladge and the part as well. I always using brand new parts. Reason of this, I can give waranty time, depends on the parts.

We are able to give break down or recovery service in the area.

Our Services


​- Complete Computer Diagnostics

- Complete Safety Analysis

- Drivability Problems

- Breaks and Disks Changes

- Battery Changes

- Oil Changes

- Mufflers and Exhaust Systems

- Steering and Suspensions

- Inspection befor MOT

- Bring to MOT

- Gearbox Oil Changes

- Pre-purchase inspection